Family, Friends, Fun, and a little Fur | The Woodlands Family Photographer

It’s been too long since I’ve posted any images of those who are close to me or anything abstract.  So here is a little collection from places we’ve been and people we’ve seen this summer.  A good chance for me to use some of the techniques I’ve learned in my business.  Here, though, I get to apply them to loved ones.  Plus, I just realized that I’ve not really posted any images of Baby J (that is actually what we call her) or my beautiful wife, Celeste,  to the blog.  It’s a good time to fix that problem.

Celeste with Baby J at 6 months

Baby J flashes her baby blues

Looking so intelligent

Go ahead and stare the day away. Get lost in those eyes.

Close friends for 27 years

Little E loves his mommy, Teresa

A little artistic flare for our creative friend Teresa

Just a snapshot till you notice how sweetly E puts his hand on L’s shoulder

The sun at his back, Little E’s halo is easy to see

Little E caught unaware among foliage

The Explorer gives a good pose

Little E in a stop light

Close friend, Dr. Dave, gets to meet and hold Baby J. They’re both pretty happy about it.

Official greeter at Julianna’s residence

Here’s a little test of how close you sit to your monitor.  Click Here! 

Enjoy and please consider “liking” my Photo Brio page on Facebook.  Just search FB for “Photo Brio” or “Thad Matthews Photography.”  Enjoy the rest of your summer!



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